Sample Vendor Contract

Sample Vendor Contract for Booth Rental


Store agrees, upon signature of this contract, to provide maintenance, sales support, and reasonable security for contents of Booth in a clean, customer-friendly environment.  Store agrees to take all reasonable steps to protect sales items from theft or damage during rental period.  Store reserves the right to reject any item offered for sale if deemed “unsuitable” at Store discretion.  Store agrees to be responsible for payment of any/all Sales Tax as Store expense.  Store agrees to pay Vendor monthly (30 day billing cycles) for all accumulated net Sales dollars (less commission and rent due).

Vendor agrees, upon signature of this contract, to be responsible for attractively displaying agreed upon goods within the space allocated.  Vendor is responsible for maintaining a clean, inviting environment within their booth; keeping their products within the approved areas only.  Vendor understands that Store is not responsible for loss of an item due to theft or damage and that Store is not responsible for insuring Vendor possessions whether for sale or display.  Vendor understands that any items remaining in Booth two (2) calendar days after end of lease agreement become property of Store unless other arrangements are made in writing.  Booth reset may occur any weekday during business hours.  It is preferred that resets NOT occur on weekends (Sat/Sun) due to high shopping volume.

Vendor agrees to tag each item they offer for sale, with ticket to include sales, price, Vendor#/Booth# and short description of item for sale. Ex: #1234/1020 Pink Pearl Necklace.  Booth# and description are optional but recommended, especially if more than one location/booth# applies to this vendor.

Vendor may specify a flexible discount to be used for in-house negotiations only — to reduce calls to vendor and to facilitate sales of products from this booth.  Request for other/additional discounts will be transmitted to Vendor for review and response. If contact not available, only flexible discount will be applied.  If no flexible discount available we will inform customer that we are not authorized to negotiate on ticketed prices.

Sales for this booth (not including sales tax) will be totaled at the end of each billing cycle. Vendor understands that Store will retain 10% commission on all sales.  Total rent + sales commission will be deducted from total sales for the current billing cycle, and resulting check/invoice will available for pickup by Vendor within 5 days after billing cycle ends.  A Sales Report for the lasat 30 days will be provided, detailing all sales transactions by date for this Vendor#/Booth#, including descriptions provided and showing discounts applied.  A check will be provided for all sales in excess of Rent and commission due, else an Invoice will detail payment due.  Vendors who have not picked up their Invoice/Check within three days of “Invoice Available Date” will be notified.

Outstanding rent must be paid in full by the specified “Pay By” date for their billing cycle or a $25.00 penalty will be added to the amount currently due and any sales ongoing in the designated booth will be garnished to pay past due and current outstanding rent.  $25.00 penalty will be added every 10 days after “Pay By” date and at the end of 30 days of non-payment, Vendor’s booth and all contents devolve to the possession of Store and may be sold or auctioned off at their discretion, all profits to go to Store to cover outstanding debt until lease completed.