Consignment Policy


  1. All items must be of good quality, clean and in good repair.  We reserve the right to refuse items at our discretion.
  2. Our commission rate is 35% of selling price.
  3. We will work with you to price each item competitively.
  4. Customers expect at least a small amount of negotiation so we will assume at least a 10% discount allowance on each item to close a sale.
  5. After 30 days price may be renegotiated/reduced.
  6. If you wish to reclaim unsold items they must be retrieved at the end of 90 days. On day 91, unclaimed inventory becomes the property of the shop in consideration of services rendered.
  7. Although the best possible care will be taken with your items, Needful Things is not responsible for damage or loss.  Consignor waives any claim against the Consignee, its landlord and their agents for any loss or damage incurred while goods are in Needful Things possession.
  8. Checks will be printed on the 5th day of each month covering sales through the 1st and can be picked up during business hours.  You will be notified when a check is available.  Any checks unclaimed after 120 days become VOID.