Book Buy Policies

Needful Things – Buy, Sell, Trade Used Book Policy

We are always looking for books to add to our inventory.  And we get our best inventory from YOU, our customers.  Books may be purchased for either Cash or Trade Credit.  That said, we are VERY selective about what we will purchase for cash.  We pay 5-10% of original publishers price or current market value when cash is requested.  After processing, if you have cash or books to pick up you will be contacted.  Cash payouts are valid for 90 days.  Books to be returned can only be held for one week.  If you request an estimate of cash value in advance of processing there will be a service charge for the buyer’s time and expertise.

When purchasing books for Trade Credit we pay 10-25% of the original cover price on paperbacks.  Credit for hardback and other sized books is normally 10% but may be as high as 25% if the book is less than 3 months old or in high demand.

Trade credit can be used to pay half the value on any USED BOOK in the store.  Trade credit is accumulated under your name and will automatically be used to pay HALF the posted price on any used book during check out.  Trade credit applies equally to all used books(hardcover, audio, paperback in any genre), can be carried under your account indefinitely, and never dissipates; however, it cannot be converted to cash, used for rentals,  or to purchase new books, special order books or any other products in our store. Simply state your name at the register before check-out so the clerk can access your account and available credit will be automatically applied to the current sale.

We maintain the right to refuse to purchase any book.  While we do not limit the number of books that may be brought into our store for pricing we do ask that you expect large quantities of material to take extra time for processing.  We will contact you when there is cash in the drawer or books to be returned to you.

If your books are other than paperback fiction, or in quantities of more than 20 at a time, you should expect to leave them with us for later processing. This could take up to two weeks but orders are worked in the order they are dropped off and we work very hard to get to you as soon as possible.

If we can’t use your books you may choose to either have them returned to you or donated to the Blue-Star Mothers (they ship books to the armed forces over seas).  If you request books to be returned, you will have one week from the day your are notified to come get your returns. Any items not picked up within that seven day period,  will be donated to the Blue-Star Mothers.

We do not accept anything in poor or dirty condition, Reader’s Digest Condensed books, serial romance (Harlequin/Silhouette), titles we have maximum of or anything we think won’t resell. We are very selective on non-fiction books and usually don’t take anything over two years old with History and Literature being notable exceptions.  We cannot be responsible for your bins, tubs, bags or boxes being returned to you.  If you leave them they will be considered ours.  If you want them back, just ask the clerk to re-box your items for processing when you drop them and we will be happy to do that for you.

Used paperbacks are priced at 50% of the original cover price. All other used books are priced as marked. A $1.95 MINIMUM will be charged on all books unless specially marked lower by us. Collectible books, even those with a lower cover price, may be priced in accordance with current market value.

New books are discounted 20% off the original cover price. Special orders (where we purchase a book specifically for you) will be quoted at time of order and payment in advance will be required.

The Oklahoma Tax Commission requires us to collect the sales tax on the total amount of your sale, including both cash and trade credit.

All purchases and sales are final.  No refunds.

We appreciate your business and hope you will have a pleasant shopping experience with us. Thank you for supporting a local business.